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investment philosophy

We believe there is room for a business like ours because some other discretionary fund management groups have lost their way. Over-reliant on investment committees and model portfolios, their ‘bespoke’ is not truly bespoke, their ‘independence’ an illusion. In practice, their structure condemns them to offer a limited range of asset classes in inflexible, over-priced portfolios.

Our entire investment philosophy aims to get away from these damaging practices. We believe we have a responsibility to examine multiple investment options within each asset class and not confine ourselves to just the largest or most well known for our clients. As a boutique firm, our size is not a hindrance to implementing our ideas. This flexibility has been particularly important at times of market stress, when diversifying between traditional asset classes has proved no defence against market volatility.

Our approach is fully independent. Although we use third party research alongside our proprietary research, our conclusions are always our own. We maintain strong connections with fund managers and strategists throughout the investment community, because appreciating the market's view is as important as formulating our own.

Our strategies are nimble and dynamic, aiming to add value in all market conditions, not simply when equity markets are heading higher.

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Vertem was born out of a desire to provide a specialist service to professional intermediaries; with whom we work very closely. Our experience within the investment field, as well as the wider financial market...

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we have the knowledge and expertise to get the best out of your investments. Talk to us today and we will get the right adviser to make the most out of your assets...

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Talk to us and see how we can help you find new investments and help your exiting ones grow to their full potential, we have a wealth of experience, contact us today and see what we can do for you...

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